About Me

Hey there……

Finally you clicked on “About me” which means you liked at least single post/page n this blog ! hehe jokes apart, lets get to business quickly.

First of all thanks for stopping by and having a read on my blog. Formerly it was hosted on onlyshri.blogspot.com until it found its own domain home shrikantlavhate.in This blog was started as a home for my poems written in Marathi. Frankly speaking there wasn’t any single dot update on this blog since ages. Since I moved it to own domain, I am making continuous effort to bring it back to life in my leisure time.

Few words about me… I am an engineer by profession. Bit of geeky, PC gamer, shell scriptor,  poet, sketcher, trekker, explorer, photographer. I wont say I am pro in all these but I am not novice too. I am also keen to explore history of Marathas and hence studying history seriously. You can follow my below online work related to history/trekking.

Web : www.gadkot.in
Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/shrikantshrek
Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/gadkot.in

Thats it for now.. Enjoy surfing and take care !!!